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Say ‘Hello’ to West African SMEs

By 2035 the number of Africans joining the working age population will exceed that of the rest of the world combined, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Much of this new workforce will originate from West African and Sub-Saharan, countries like Nigeria or Ghana. Nigeria, already Africa’s largest economy and country by population will continue to grow, both in GDP terms and demographically. Today, the country numbers over 182 million people.Read more


Roadtripping in Equatorial Guinea

45 minutes after take-off from Malabo, we land in Bata, Equatorial Guinea’s largest city, and arguably its most beautiful city, straddling the Atlantic coast. We depart the airport and head to the center, to check into our hotel. For most of the drive, the road runs parallel to the coast, and alongside one of the longest ocean-side pedestrian walkways in Africa.

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