Roadtripping in Equatorial Guinea

45 minutes after take-off from Malabo, we land in Bata, Equatorial Guinea’s largest city, and arguably its most beautiful city, straddling the Atlantic coast. We depart the airport and head to the center, to check into our hotel. For most of the drive, the road runs parallel to the coast, and alongside one of the longest ocean-side pedestrian walkways in Africa.

Bata’s pedestrian seaside walkway- one of the longest in Africa

We are immediately struck by the city’s more laid-back feel, as compared to the hustle and bustle of Malabo. The seaside walkway is congested, not with cars, however, but with joggers and cyclists! The gentle breeze coming in from the Atlantic adds to its relaxed vibe, and delivers some much-welcomed relief from Malabo’s heat and humidity. Having checked into our hotel and admired our sea-views, we head out for dinner to one of the nearby eateries. That night, our choice was Lebanese, and boy-oh-boy, was it a great one! With full stomachs, we turn in for the night ahead of the next days’ long drive to Equatorial Guinea’s new capital, Oyala.

The highway from Bata to Oyala is world class. Forget about any pre-conceptions you may have about African infrastructure, and see for yourself!

Equatorial Guinea’s newly built highway network is world class

It winds through the jungle and between mountains, past rivers, and through traditional African villages.

The views along the route

After about 200 kilometers of smooth driving, we arrive in Oyala. The new city, which will become the country’s capital in the future, is set to become Africa’s most modern capital. The road-network, urban layout, as well as housing for future residents, and other soft and hard infrastructure, will be carefully designed and built, to ensure that Oyala will be able to compete for the title of Africa’s most liveable city for decades to come. While it is still in the initial stages of construction, earlier in February this year, a delegation of high ranking politicians relocated there from Malabo, to demonstrate the Government’s commitment to completing the project on-time (

Entering Oyala- February, 2017

Inspired by Equatorial Guinea’s future vision, impressed by its infrastructure, motivated by the sheer quantity of investment opportunities, and very thirsty, we whizz back along the highway to Bata and return to our hotel to enjoy a refreshing drink, and the sea views.

Sunset in Bata after a day on the road

If you would like to find out more about Equatorial Guinea, get in touch with us! With plenty of on the ground experience in both Bioko, and the mainland, White Storm Capital’s Growth Partners, Juan and Robert, can point you in the right direction. White Storm Capital is a Malabo-based company, with offices in Houston, Texas. Its dedicated team of on-the-ground experts specialize in helping businesses and investors succeed. Its wide range of solutions including accounting, taxes, payroll, human resources, and much more, will help you establish a presence in EG, simplify your business here, and grow!