Africa’s Largest Megacity – Lagos

Hello Lagos—Nigeria’s and Africa’s largest megacity. With a growing population of over 21 million, the city welcomes visitors with an indescribable hustle, bustle, and a loud commotion, which leaves first timers overwhelmed. The crowds of people lining the streets, the heat and humidity, the salesmen offering anything from bottled water to some very exotic looking local foods, the wide-smiling children scrambling after their footballs, the 419 warning signboards, and the thousands of cars and motorcycles rapidly slaloming between one-another while dodging pot-holes—all this makes for an intense and one of a kind greeting to this sprawling coastal city. When nearing the Atlantic’s shores, in the distance, it is impossible not to notice the financial district’s (Victoria Island’s) high-rises and lights. Africa’s longest bridge connects the mainland with the island. It is a whopping 11,800 meters long! You don’t want to find yourself on it during rush hour traffic…

This huge city, which is also Nigeria’s commercial capital, accounts for most the country’s non-oil related GDP (Gross Domestic Products). In contrast to much of the developed world, Nigeria’s population is predominantly young today, and is forecasted to remain that way in the future.

The sheer number of people in Nigeria, and their age structure, has not only made the country a highly desirable target for foreign direct investors, but has also spurred the  development of the continent’s largest small and medium sized enterprise (SME) base. Lagosians, Nigerian’s from all of the country’s states, and other Africans, all flock to the city to establish their own companies to play a part in, and propel, the city’s growth and development. From Nigerian-made products, consumables, to services—the locals have proven themselves to be fine businessmen and entrepreneurs.

It is now time to introduce the world to the best of what this African economic powerhouse has to offer. As of now, with few exceptions, Nigerian companies have not penetrated international markets. According to the basic economic rules of competition, though, the world and its consumers can only benefit from the availability of additional products and services in the market. White Storm Capital and The Growth Partner Alliance (TGPA) of business supporting companies specialize in assisting businesses to succeed. The American- African grouping of companies offers in a wide range of services, all designed to help a growing SME succeed. From brand management and marketing using traditional and social media, tax consultancy, accounting, human resource management, and general consultancy, we are a partner that can propel and Simplify your business growth. We are Africa-based but maintain offices in the United States. Our solutions Simplify the management of your finances, people, time and processes, and allow SMEs to grow, prosper, and be noticed in and beyond Africa! Let’s  Grow in Africa today, and in the world tomorrow!

Written By: Robert Romaniuk | White Storm Capital